Getting Things Started

Choosing anything that you put into your home is such a personal thing, there's no way we could make a start without first ascertaining a thorough understanding of what it is you're really looking for... Your passion for example, could be movies - you may be looking for the ultimate home cinema room and have a dedicated room in mind; you may be looking for the best way to integrate a home theatre set up into a functional family room; or it may be that your love is for music, and you'd like an audio system to deliver really captivating sound that makes you feel as though you're there, in person.

Movies and music are such emotional experiences, there's only one way we could ever get it right - we need to meet with you, and listen with you, and get to know what sort of experiences you enjoy; only then can we gain an insight into what will fit best, and ultimately, the system we need to design for you.

To get things started, we arrange a meeting so we can talk through in depth what it is you've got in mind. Whether this takes place at our demonstration facilities, or at your own home is entirely up to you. We do encourage a visit to our demonstration facilities first though, as this will allow us to get a feel for what sort of system you have in mind, and provides us with an opportunity to show you just how good things can really sound! Following the initial meeting, a site survey is carried out in order to assess the space you've got in mind. We measure up, evaluate the suitability of the room, and agree on what sort of installation will work best.

Once those first two meetings have taken place, we get started with designing the system...

Design and Proposal

During the design process, we match a system to the room, taking time to choose the right components for each element of the system, based on the discussions we had during the initial meetings. Once we have designed the system, we produce a bespoke proposal document that includes in depth information regarding each component, together with technical drawings and cable schedules if required, and computer-generated 3D images for you to really see how the finished room will look.

Installation and Handover

We work on site with builders, electricians, carpenters and any other tradesman as and where required, to ensure all installation processes are carried out to exacting standards.